The "Guitars"

Colibri Super Jumbo Alain Queguiner: Custom Model. Sitka Spruce and Madagascar Rosewood, Equiped with  LR Baggs Anthem System

HB MIDI Parlor : Harley Benton CLF 200 NT . Sitka Spruce and Rosewood, Equiped with  GRAPHTEC Acoustic GHOST MIDI System

Fender Stratocastser US 1979 : Mapple Neck, Micros Fender Texas Special, Equiped with  GRAPHTEC GHOST MIDI System + Vibrato Floyd Rose Acoustic

Fender "LeatherCaster" :  Telecaster Model  Custom, Body covered with Leather with incrustations. Micros Fender texas Special, Equiped with Roland GK3 MIDI.

Harley Benton "Duke" : Model PRS "Bird" with Micros Di Marzio

Takamine  PSF-94 : Model "Santa-Fe" 94, Equiped with Roland GK3 MIDI.

Takamine EN10-12 :  "Natural" Dreadnought 12 Strings

Takamine EN60C : model country with Nylon Strings

Dobro Fender : Equiped with piezo

Basse Epiphone Zenith : Fretless, Double micro (piezo / magnetic)

Bouzouki Irlandais Fender

Mandoline Fender

Banjo Chevalier

Ukulélé Ibanez

The other Instruments

Diatonic Accordion Castagnari :  "Rik" Model in C/G :